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    Hi there most fav admin!!! (ur the only 1 tho XD) For the experience rates I'd like to see for the regular accounts X15 = Expert X25 = Veteran X40 = Intermediate X100 = Easy For the Iron man options I'd like to see X15 X30 Why? because ironman is definitely harder to train at the moment it's a X10 experience rate which is the hardest rate on the game at the moment since it's X25 for regular players. X15 Should be fine for those that like a bit of a challenge in being ironman and x30 is in my opinion a really good rate for them. Hope this helped a bit in your decision. Greetings, True Legend/Hc Chels!
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    Hello there, Welcome to my Construction guide! Items u need for Construction are bought in the Construction shop, to acces this shop u can either go to your Quest tab > Shops > Construction. Or ;;Home > Construction portal > Construction Shop. To start off you will need the following items Hammer Saw Steel Nails Regular planks Now go to your house in BUILD MODE. Go to this room and click on the chair and select the first option it will require 2 planks and 2 steel nails to make 1 chair! After u build the chair u go to this room with the Larder space. Click on the larder and make those till ur out of planks by building and removing them! Once u hit level 33 you can make Carved oak tables and Carved oak benches at this point u wont need a Hammer and Nails anymore because oak planks and mahogany planks don't need nails! Go to this room to make these tables! U can make 3 tables and 2 benches with 1 inventory of oak planks. Do this till u hit level 52! At this point the skill becomes very very easy! U can open ur construction shop while ur in your house via the Quest tab and mahogany planks will come in your inventory unnoted! Make the same table with the benches but now with the mahogany planks! Do this method till 99 or if u are very very rich and want to get it the fastest way u can do this till lvl 89, continue following this guide if u are willing to spend alot of money and get the fastest way 104M construction exp! This is gonna cost alotttt if you want to do it fast. At level 89 u can go to this room with the thrones. Make the Floor Space "Greater magic cage" Why is this expensive? Because you need magic stones, magic stones are in the construction shop for don't get a heart attack please :P. 975K each! For this floor you will need 5 Mahogany planks and 4 magic stones! Thats gonna cost 3.907.500 coins each cage u make! Me as a veteran mode (x25) exp with the double exp well on and my aura on got 293.750 exp for this one. Do this till level 95 and make the thrones! Crystal throne till level 99 this will cost you 14.6M each crystal throne! Once you hit level 99 u can go for the 104M exp by making the demonic thrones! This will cost you 24M and 375K Gp each demonic throne! But it is the fastest way to 104M exp. I recommend to keep doing the tables with mahogany planks all the way. Thank you for reading my Construction guide and hope it helps alot! Let me know if u have any questions or maybe some other methods! Greetings, True Legend
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