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    Hey, how's it been man? Not sure if anyone here remembers me, I've probably been around rs3 since 2010. It's cool to see rs3server return and I hope to see some more people coming back.
  3. Hi everyone, I would like your opinion on what everyone things on spawning. I have got some feedback from a few players saying it should leave, and some say it should be tweaked up and stay. I personally like spawning with restrictions, this way people can have their own unique look and not just like an average RSPS where everyone is just running around in the same armour. People have suggested putting a 50% nerf on spawned items so people still want to boss (50% nerf is now applied). Please give me your suggestions if you would like to have the spawn system stay and how we can improve it or if you would like the spawn system to leave and why.
  4. Game Updates 9/7/2018

    Spawned items can now be alched but no money received Discord now intergrated with server (type !help in discord for commands) Minigame spoitlight Skilling spotlight Daily challenges have been fixed. The Grand Exchange is now player only, you can view buy/sell offers by talking to the GE clerk. Spawned items now have a 50% nerf Fixed donator teleports Discord rare drops announcements Fixed Dragonkin lamps Playermodes have been removed/fixed More NPCS have attack/death animations Off-hands now work when you have no main-hand More items have stat bonuses
  5. What Server would you like to see?

    There's discussion about server wants/needs. I know myself I have a bit of love for different types. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments. I thought of an idea about doing a server monthly aside our main server. Ideas?

    The link is on the navigation bar at the top: https://discordapp.com/invite/BDkHxpG
  7. Game Updates 6/6/2018

    Off-hand combat Cosmetics overides store GWD2 Angel Of Death RoTs Credits system Boss spotlight Lottery system Daily tasks Zombie outbreak Credit exchange Credit market New teleporting system 15% nerf to all spawned items Pet perk Combat pets Skilling pets Shift dropping Esc to close interfaces Bank presets Spawned items now have (s) in their name Npcs are renamed to what shop they are All shops are now located at ;;market Credit gambling (coin flip) Shops are restocked

    Jeez, I don't know if anyone remembers me but my user was Shane I remember I was there the first time rs3server opened up with like 2 worlds and that xat chat under the web client hoooolyy good old days.

    Paki i remember playing with you long before, but within the most recent one with the custom items and junk @groovepaki
  10. Welcome to RS3Server!

    I'm with Pak, if y'all need any help testing or some junk or opinions, I'm willing.
  11. Owner @Teh Princee is the owner of the server and its website. He has full power and is in charge of the server along with handling updates to in game, the forums and the website, donations and bug reports. Developer The heart and soul for making this great server possible. Administrator Administrators are members of staff who manage the staff team, as regards promotions/demotions, deal with any staff related issues. They handle most support tickets that cannot be handled by staff ranks. Administrators will assist players in complex situations & administrate the server/forums, help lower staff ranks out. Forum Moderator Forum Moderators are members of staff who are focused on moderating our forums. They have to make sure no forum rules are broken, monitor the content, issue warnings to any wrongdoers and fight the spammers. Moderator Server Moderators are members of staff who only have power in-game. They aim to monitor the server, give out in-game punishments, deal with player reports, mainly to keep the community clean for everyone. Server Support Server Supports are the lowest ranks of staff. They barely have any power as their goal is to assist the community, answer questions in help clan chats, personal messages etc. They can also assist in support sections with basic questions. Veteran Veterans are members of the community who have been around for a while and are well respected throughout the community. It can be obtained if the specific requirements are met. Youtuber Youtubers are members of the community who provide server related media to the community. They must provide content regularly and promote the server on YouTube. In order to apply for this rank, you need to meet certain requirements. Master Donator Diamond Donator Platinum Donator Gold Donator Silver Donator Bronze Donator Donators are members of the community who have contributed to the server by donating money. They have plenty of benefits after donating.

    Welcome back! The owner is still implementing some big updates, so hopefully in the near future! For now you're free to play it. Plus if you happen to find any bugs please let us know!
  13. Welcome to RS3Server!

    Thank you @groovepaki Some big updates will be coming soon!
  14. Welcome to RS3Server!

    Good luck with this server I'm really hoping this server climb up to like it was before !! wish you best of the luck and tell me if I can help you in any way .

    hello everyone ! I don't know if anyone remembers me :L when will be this server officially up ?
  16. Welcome to RS3Server!

    Excited to make magic happen with you.

    Lmao i didnt know just figured it could be ready :DD

    isn't there a server already? I'm not completely sure since I cant seem to get it. Prince needs to post the invite link, lol.

    I definitely remember you as gangster107, I was Monthly or Destiny as friends would call me. I see Abdul is here too, which is nice to see!! Ah, the memories though back when rs3server was at its peak.

    You probably shouldn't have your test account username and password to be set as 'test' - If you need help programming/developing.. I've just recently closed rs4server.co.uk - I'd love to join you and make your game just as good if not better than my prior. Email me and we can meet up on Skype or something; leon.savage@outlook.com cheers. Saz RS4

    agreed, hopefully beta will be great start

    About time we brought it back, this rsps was the best back in the day, I hope it can be as big as before or even bigger

    Hi Bryceronii, Welcome we are always open to suggestions, we are currently in beta stages and once some things are ironed out we will be going big into advertising. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate. Thanks, Princee....


    Wow, rs 3 finally making its like what, 4th comeback? But uh.. its nice to see SAM and anybody else that use to play the hell out of this game. But uh yea, I've made this thread as a welcome back to the old heads, and also a welcoming to the future new people. Wouldn't mind talking to the others, but some of y'all might know me as a couple of names, if you don't well then that sucks cause I've been around forever. But i went by "Ganster198" "Ganster107 or 198" idk remember or "Beaste5". But uh i cant wait to start some more memories and see this server get big again.
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