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  2. GFX Designer

    The Gfx designer rank is given to the player(s) that are skilled designers within the community. If you are awarded this rank, you will assist the Forum Team with projects that will require graphics and other things. If you feel you're fit for the job, message @Teh Princee or myself. @Despair
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  12. Experience Rates

    Hi there most fav admin!!! (ur the only 1 tho XD) For the experience rates I'd like to see for the regular accounts X15 = Expert X25 = Veteran X40 = Intermediate X100 = Easy For the Iron man options I'd like to see X15 X30 Why? because ironman is definitely harder to train at the moment it's a X10 experience rate which is the hardest rate on the game at the moment since it's X25 for regular players. X15 Should be fine for those that like a bit of a challenge in being ironman and x30 is in my opinion a really good rate for them. Hope this helped a bit in your decision. Greetings, True Legend/Hc Chels!
  13. Construction Guide

    Great job on this
  14. Experience Rates

    the standard accounts exp is fine imo I would say perhaps change the ironman exp rate to x15 from x10.
  15. Forum Awards

    Hello! I’ve decided to introduce the forum awards. These awards will be awarded to the players who meet the requirement. Note- You must notify a staff member with Picture proof in order to receive your Forum Award. to be continued...
  16. What are your thoughts on the current XP rates for both Standard accounts and Ironmans? What would you suggest for a change? Thank you, Despair
  17. Construction Guide

    Hello there, Welcome to my Construction guide! Items u need for Construction are bought in the Construction shop, to acces this shop u can either go to your Quest tab > Shops > Construction. Or ;;Home > Construction portal > Construction Shop. To start off you will need the following items Hammer Saw Steel Nails Regular planks Now go to your house in BUILD MODE. Go to this room and click on the chair and select the first option it will require 2 planks and 2 steel nails to make 1 chair! After u build the chair u go to this room with the Larder space. Click on the larder and make those till ur out of planks by building and removing them! Once u hit level 33 you can make Carved oak tables and Carved oak benches at this point u wont need a Hammer and Nails anymore because oak planks and mahogany planks don't need nails! Go to this room to make these tables! U can make 3 tables and 2 benches with 1 inventory of oak planks. Do this till u hit level 52! At this point the skill becomes very very easy! U can open ur construction shop while ur in your house via the Quest tab and mahogany planks will come in your inventory unnoted! Make the same table with the benches but now with the mahogany planks! Do this method till 99 or if u are very very rich and want to get it the fastest way u can do this till lvl 89, continue following this guide if u are willing to spend alot of money and get the fastest way 104M construction exp! This is gonna cost alotttt if you want to do it fast. At level 89 u can go to this room with the thrones. Make the Floor Space "Greater magic cage" Why is this expensive? Because you need magic stones, magic stones are in the construction shop for don't get a heart attack please :P. 975K each! For this floor you will need 5 Mahogany planks and 4 magic stones! Thats gonna cost 3.907.500 coins each cage u make! Me as a veteran mode (x25) exp with the double exp well on and my aura on got 293.750 exp for this one. Do this till level 95 and make the thrones! Crystal throne till level 99 this will cost you 14.6M each crystal throne! Once you hit level 99 u can go for the 104M exp by making the demonic thrones! This will cost you 24M and 375K Gp each demonic throne! But it is the fastest way to 104M exp. I recommend to keep doing the tables with mahogany planks all the way. Thank you for reading my Construction guide and hope it helps alot! Let me know if u have any questions or maybe some other methods! Greetings, True Legend
  18. Master Capes & Benefits

    Thank you for this!
  19. Master Capes & Benefits

    Master capes are capable of being worn by players who have a reached minimum experience in a skill of 104M. Once you achieve 104M Experience in a skill, you can purchase a Master Skill Cape by speaking to the Wise Old Man at ::home. This will cost you 120K. Right now the Perks have NOT been added to the capes, they will be soon, but here's a list of all the capes' perks. Agility: Wearing this cape restores run energy to full and running with it equipped will not drain any run energy. Attack: Eliminates the need of tokens at Warriors Guild. Hitpoints: Will restore all stats including special attack when used, allowed three uses per day. Cannot be used in combat. Construction: You can build things without having the required items in your house. Cooking: You will never burn the food that you cook. Crafting: Makes it so there's a 50% chance to not use an ONYX while crafting high tier jewelry. Defence: Will act as a ring of life and teleport you when your HP is low. Dungoneering: When this is worn, you automatically receive 25% discount from Thok's shop. Farming: You receive 20% more herbs when harvested, and they will be noted. Firemaking: Fires made while wearing this cape will be colored with a random color. Fishing: Will increase the rate of fishing by 10% and eliminates the need of bait while fishing. Fletching: You will receive 50% bonus arrows/darts/bolts that are made. Herblore: 30% chance to make two potions. Hunter: 30% chance to receive double loot when hunting something. Also grants 50% chance to receive golden chinchompa pet rather than normal chincompa pet. Magic: Can be used to swap spell book (5 times a day). Mining: Teleports you to the shooting star, and grants bonus stardust while mining a star. Prayer: Restores 1 prayer point every 3 seconds. Range: Ranging equipment saving effect similar to Ava's, alongside a 10% bonus chance to activate bolt's special effect. Runecrafting: Unlimited source of runes when casting a spell. Slayer: Ability to reset and extend slayer tasks, without losing your task streak. Smithing: Eliminates the user of a hammer while smithing items. Eliminates the need of coal while smelting ores. Smelt and smith items faster and eliminates the chance of failing to smith an iron bar. Strength: Gives a temporary strength boost (similar to drinking a potion) Summoning: There's a 30% chance that the ingredient will not be used when infusing pouches, and familiars have a reduced special attack timer by 10%. Thieving: Gives 20% chance to receive double loot when stealing something. Woodcutting: 30% chance increase to receive a bird's nest while woodcutting, and teleports you to the evil tree. Good luck!
  20. Game Updates #3

    Great work! Loving the updates!
  21. Game Updates #3

    5th May 2019 Bosses: - Hope devour - Zulrah Interface: - New boss interface - New mystery box interface - New minigame interface - New spawn interface - New monster interface - New player starter interface - New areas teleport interface - New login interface / HD textures - New loading screens - New pets interface Fixes: - Website fixed and updated - Character null fixed - Long login time fixed - Castle wars fixed and re-added - Fixed run bug - Fixed Shops & Ironman Shops - Fixed combat shop Other: - Max hit dummy - Happy hour - Added portable stations - Examining skilling - Combat pets now displays the owners xp - Examining boss pets now displays the owners kill count - New home area - Added OSRS items - Updated world map - New sleeker login box - Difficulties are added ! Easy, Regular and Hard - Ironman re-added into the game - Gambling - Collection log - Sleeker and cleaner login box - Crafting workshop - Added jar of divine light - Ironman npc added to home - Party room added - GWD2 drops added
  22. Price Guide

    To be continued...
  23. Staff Update / /

    Hello, we would like to congratulate @True Legend on her promotion to Server Support! We believe she will make a great contribution to the team! Good luck! True Legend Regards, Rs3Server Administration
  24. Donator Ranks & Benefits

    Can I donate for in-game items? The only available things for purchase are located in the store. RS3Server staff do not individually sell to players. Do you accept rsgp or rs accounts? RS3Server does not accept rs gold or accounts as a form of payment or donation. When/how do I receive my perks after purchase? Once you have made your donation type ;;claim in-game within a few minutes of buying. Your donation will be automatically added. Currently we only accept PayPal Bronze Donator $20-$49 Donator Zone 110% Loyalty Point Gain Silver Donator $50-$99 Donator Zone 120% Loyalty Point Gain 27.5% Bonus exp from Vote Books Gold Donator $100-$249 ;;setdisplay once every 24 hours ;;title (id) as often as you like Access to 50+ more titles Access to the Supreme Aura shop 130% Loyalty Point Gain 30% bonus exp from Vote Books Platinum Donator $250-$499 Platinum Donator Zone The ability to set custom titles 140% Loyalty Point Gain 32.5% bonus exp from Vote Books Diamond Donator $500-$999 Access to the Legendary Aura shop 150% Loyalty Point Gain 35% bonus exp from Vote Books Master Donator $1000 160% Loyalty Point Gain 37.5% bonus exp from Vote Books More information to come
  25. Staff Team

    Official Staff Team OWNER Teh Princee+10:00 GMT DEVELOPER Teh Prince+ 10:00 GMT COMMUNITY MANAGER - ADMINISTRATOR Despair -5:00 GMT SERVER MODERATOR - SERVER SUPPORT True Legend +1:00 GMT FORUM MODERATOR Despair -5:00 GMT
  26. Hello everyone, This thread is for those who have donated and would like to receive their donator status on the Forums as well as in the Discord. Please note that all other posts will be deleted. Images must not be altered in any shape or form (which means that it cannot be cropped, cut, edited, etc.), the image must be the entire screen (so hide what you must for the screenshot; we will not accept anything else)! The members that decide to attempt to try and alter the image in any shape or form will be banned either temporarily or permanently at the discretion of the administration. Posts that do not comply with our requirements in any shape or form will be deleted. Regards, Rs3Server Staff Team
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