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  1. It should leave reason 1 think about "fake risking" Reason 2 its just stupid when people can spawn items and have 50%nerf just own your own equipment thats my opinion Greetings, True Legend.
  2. Hi di ho peeps!

  3. True Legend's introduction

    Hey there, Welcome to my introduction to this server! Hi I am Chelsey, I live in the netherlands (my dad is from chile, my mother is from the netherlands), True Leged/Hc Chels in game yup you'd read it well CHELSEY a girl on runescape? wut yes I play runescape cause of my cousin back in the days when I was young and kept playing. I played lots and lots of rsps's and this game looks amazing to me :), I love to skill/PVM/stake and I am always in for a good talk! I do keep gaming apart from social life cause ye its not that cool to play a runescape server as a girl and being 21 years old lmao.. Well I might edit this intro if I found out more to tell and hope to see you guys/girls in game! Thank you for reading my introduction,  ~True Legend/Hc Chels~