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    Great job on this
  3. Game Updates #3

    5th May 2019 Bosses: - Hope devour - Zulrah Interface: - New boss interface - New mystery box interface - New minigame interface - New spawn interface - New monster interface - New player starter interface - New areas teleport interface - New login interface / HD textures - New loading screens - New pets interface Fixes: - Website fixed and updated - Character null fixed - Long login time fixed - Castle wars fixed and re-added - Fixed run bug - Fixed Shops & Ironman Shops - Fixed combat shop Other: - Max hit dummy - Happy hour - Added portable stations - Examining skilling - Combat pets now displays the owners xp - Examining boss pets now displays the owners kill count - New home area - Added OSRS items - Updated world map - New sleeker login box - Difficulties are added ! Easy, Regular and Hard - Ironman re-added into the game - Gambling - Collection log - Sleeker and cleaner login box - Crafting workshop - Added jar of divine light - Ironman npc added to home - Party room added - GWD2 drops added
  4. Game Updates #2

    9th July 2018 Spawned items can now be alched but no money received Discord now intergrated with server (type !help in discord for commands) Minigame spoitlight Skilling spotlight Daily challenges have been fixed. The Grand Exchange is now player only, you can view buy/sell offers by talking to the GE clerk. Spawned items now have a 50% nerf Fixed donator teleports Discord rare drops announcements Fixed Dragonkin lamps Playermodes have been removed/fixed More NPCS have attack/death animations Off-hands now work when you have no main-hand More items have stat bonuses
  5. Game Updates #1

    6th June 2018 Off-hand combat Cosmetics overides store GWD2 Angel Of Death RoTs Credits system Boss spotlight Lottery system Daily tasks Zombie outbreak Credit exchange Credit market New teleporting system 15% nerf to all spawned items Pet perk Combat pets Skilling pets Shift dropping Esc to close interfaces Bank presets Spawned items now have (s) in their name Npcs are renamed to what shop they are All shops are now located at ;;market Credit gambling (coin flip) Shops are restocked

    Hi Bryceronii, Welcome we are always open to suggestions, we are currently in beta stages and once some things are ironed out we will be going big into advertising. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate. Thanks, Princee....
  7. Welcome to RS3Server!

    Hey everyone and welcome to RS3server!
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