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Found 1 result

  1. Master Capes & Benefits

    Master capes are capable of being worn by players who have a reached minimum experience in a skill of 104M. Once you achieve 104M Experience in a skill, you can purchase a Master Skill Cape by speaking to the Wise Old Man at ::home. This will cost you 120K. Right now the Perks have NOT been added to the capes, they will be soon, but here's a list of all the capes' perks. Agility: Wearing this cape restores run energy to full and running with it equipped will not drain any run energy. Attack: Eliminates the need of tokens at Warriors Guild. Hitpoints: Will restore all stats including special attack when used, allowed three uses per day. Cannot be used in combat. Construction: You can build things without having the required items in your house. Cooking: You will never burn the food that you cook. Crafting: Makes it so there's a 50% chance to not use an ONYX while crafting high tier jewelry. Defence: Will act as a ring of life and teleport you when your HP is low. Dungoneering: When this is worn, you automatically receive 25% discount from Thok's shop. Farming: You receive 20% more herbs when harvested, and they will be noted. Firemaking: Fires made while wearing this cape will be colored with a random color. Fishing: Will increase the rate of fishing by 10% and eliminates the need of bait while fishing. Fletching: You will receive 50% bonus arrows/darts/bolts that are made. Herblore: 30% chance to make two potions. Hunter: 30% chance to receive double loot when hunting something. Also grants 50% chance to receive golden chinchompa pet rather than normal chincompa pet. Magic: Can be used to swap spell book (5 times a day). Mining: Teleports you to the shooting star, and grants bonus stardust while mining a star. Prayer: Restores 1 prayer point every 3 seconds. Range: Ranging equipment saving effect similar to Ava's, alongside a 10% bonus chance to activate bolt's special effect. Runecrafting: Unlimited source of runes when casting a spell. Slayer: Ability to reset and extend slayer tasks, without losing your task streak. Smithing: Eliminates the user of a hammer while smithing items. Eliminates the need of coal while smelting ores. Smelt and smith items faster and eliminates the chance of failing to smith an iron bar. Strength: Gives a temporary strength boost (similar to drinking a potion) Summoning: There's a 30% chance that the ingredient will not be used when infusing pouches, and familiars have a reduced special attack timer by 10%. Thieving: Gives 20% chance to receive double loot when stealing something. Woodcutting: 30% chance increase to receive a bird's nest while woodcutting, and teleports you to the evil tree. Good luck!
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