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RS3Server.com - Official

All important boards can be found in this category.


  1. News, Announcements & Updates

    In this board you will find news about RS3Server.com. This includes our latest updates, staff changes and maintenance proposals. We recommend you check this board daily so you can stay up-to-date with recent happenings. 

  2. Important Information & Development Diaries

    All information related to RS3Server.com will be kept here. This includes the game and forum rules which we expect all users to abide by. You can also find detailed development diaries from the developers of RS3Server.com, which can make for an interesting read and provide insight to those interested in how RS3Server.com operates and is created.

  3. Feedback, Recommendations & Glitch Reports

    If you're looking to get a new piece of content added to the game, make a post here. Likewise, let us know of any glitches that we've missed here. You can give us your suggestions about the game and website, and any that we really like will be placed in the Official Polls board to be voted on!

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  4. Events & Competitions

    At RS3Server.com we like to host regular events to keep the community having fun. In this board you can find all the events that our staff team are hosting and get informed on how to be a part of them. There are sometimes cash prizes so it's worth checking this board regularly! 

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