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Teh Princee

RS3server - Should spawning stay or leave?

RS3server - Should spawning stay or leave?  

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  1. 1. Should spawning stay or leave in the 718?

    • Stay
    • Leave

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Teh Princee    1

Hi everyone,

I would like your opinion on what everyone things on spawning.

I have got some feedback from a few players saying it should leave, and some say it should be tweaked up and stay.

I personally like spawning with restrictions, this way people can have their own unique look and not just like an average RSPS where everyone is just running around in the same armour.


People have suggested putting a 50% nerf on spawned items so people still want to boss (50% nerf is now applied).

Please give me your suggestions if you would like to have the spawn system stay and how we can improve it or if you would like the spawn system to leave and why.

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I Broski I    0

I see this is an older thread so I'm not sure if you already decided, but here is my perspective on the topic,

I'd like to see spawning gone as I feel there's enjoyment in collecting and earning equipment. Stick to the roots is what I want to say, but I'm not sure how well that works with this being a 718.  However, if spawning were to stay, certain restrictions should be set in place to assure items have value and bossing a purpose (which it seems like you've implemented). With the small amount I can say on this subject so far, I lean toward the removal of spawning, but then again I am only one person. I think it would be beneficial to see some more thoughts, maybe my nostalgia goggles are on too tight.

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