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True Legend

True Legend's introduction

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Hey there, Welcome to my introduction to this server!


Hi I am Chelsey, I live in the netherlands (my dad is from chile, my mother is from the netherlands), True Leged/Hc Chels  in game yup you'd read it well CHELSEY a girl on runescape? wut xD yes I play runescape cause of my cousin back in the days when I was young and kept playing.

I played lots and lots of rsps's and this game looks amazing to me :), I love to skill/PVM/stake and I am always in for a good talk!

I do keep gaming apart from social life cause ye its not that cool to play a runescape server as a girl and being 21 years old lmao..

Well I might edit this intro if I found out more to tell and hope to see you guys/girls in game!

Thank you for reading my introduction,


~True Legend/Hc Chels~

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