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Bryceronii    0

Wow, rs 3 finally making its like what, 4th comeback? But uh.. its nice to see SAM and anybody else that use to play the hell out of this game. But uh yea, I've made this thread as a welcome back to the old heads, and also a welcoming to the future new people. Wouldn't mind talking to the others, but some of y'all might know me as a couple of names, if you don't well then that sucks cause I've been around forever. But i went by "Ganster198" "Ganster107 or 198" idk remember or "Beaste5". But uh i cant wait to start some more memories and see this server get big again.

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Teh Princee    0

Hi Bryceronii,

Welcome :) we are always open to suggestions, we are currently in beta stages and once some things are ironed out we will be going big into advertising.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate.




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