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Teh Princee

Game Updates #3

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Teh Princee    3


5th May 2019


- Hope devour

- Zulrah



- New boss interface 

New mystery box interface

New minigame interface

New spawn interface

- New monster interface 

- New player starter interface 

- New areas teleport interface 

- New login interface / HD textures 

- New loading screens 

- New pets interface 



Website fixed and updated 

- Character null fixed 

- Long login time fixed 

- Castle wars fixed and re-added 

-  Fixed run bug 

- Fixed Shops & Ironman Shops 

-  Fixed combat shop



- Max hit dummy 

- Happy hour 

Added portable stations 

Examining skilling

- Combat pets now displays the owners xp 

- Examining boss pets now displays the owners kill count 

New home area 

- Added OSRS items 

- Updated world map 

New sleeker login box 

Difficulties are added ! Easy, Regular and Hard 

- Ironman re-added into the game 

- Gambling 

- Collection log 

- Sleeker and cleaner login box 

- Crafting workshop 

- Added jar of divine light 

- Ironman npc added to home 

- Party room added 

- GWD2 drops added

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